Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Teens and talking..

First: Sorry the title is really lame.

Seconed: After having a great talk with my parents I realized just how much we as teens underestimate our parents and there wisdom. And I don't know why we think that? It's like...Like this. I want to be a singer/musician and I knew Taylor Swift or Martina McBride but I never asked them any tips on singing or anything!....How dumb would that be! And I am sure you think du!? I don't even want to be a singer and I would still ask! So this is just a little encouragement from me....Talk to your parents!!! They are really amazing! God put them in your life for a reason and it wasn't just to help you take your first steps, but to help you truly run to Him! :)
Just a thought!
Anna =)

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  1. Wow... just a thought but a true one! Thank you for the encouragement... whenever I talk to my parents I find so much peace and wisdom. :)