Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!


14 years from today God gave the Goldman family a wonderful gift! A beautiful girl named Cassie Marie Goldman...Believe me I had no idea at the time what a amazing gift it was! But every day I relies more and more what she means to me.

I have soo many good memories with Cassie! We laugh we cry..Pretty much we have done everything together! From walking around in a circle for no reason, to talk deep till 2 a.m (mom and dad didn't like that)to cooking, sewing, drawling together.

I pray someday to be more like you! I pray that God will make me the sister you want to look up to! Look to Christ Cass..Always, keep him centre focus of your life! He works in amazing way!

Love you SOOO Sister! Pob 31:30 ;) <3



  1. Awww!! how sweet!! Happy belated birthday, Cassie!! Love the collage, btw!!


  2. Thank you! I'll tell her you said that:)
    Anna =)